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Time, costs, quality – three factors that are important when it comes to plant engineering and construction. They are only under control when the respective, qualified experts for plant engineering and construction, mechanical engineering or rope access are onsite. If there is a gap, then a good replacement has to be found quickly. ROSA Process Engineering has been active since the 1980s in the complex business segment of plant and process engineering. As a specialized engineering service provider from the very start, we are well networked with companies and engineers of specific job profiles, so that we can competently accompany projects of any order of magnitude and reliably fill vacancies.

We have successively expanded into other fields of plant engineering and construction and mechanical engineering, and are active in a special niche with rope access. Our Matrix shows the industry sectors and specialist areas in which our plant engineering and construction specialists are active.

On the following pages, we will present to you our history and experience in plant engineering and construction, our competence as well as the tools and processes that we use.

ROSA – Your specialized partner for engineering services in plant engineering and construction

Many years of industry experience.

ROSA has many years of experience in the relevant areas of plant and process engineering. Contacts to competent partners on the company and engineer side provide interesting job offers and projects.

Oil & Gas   gas engineering
synthesis gas plants
CO systems
hydrogen generation

petrochemical plants

phenol plants and plants for the extraction and processing of aromatics


inorganic and organic chemistry fine chemicals

production of special chemicals


Power engineering /

energy generation

  steam systems for process steam heat supply and energy generation
Environmental engineering  

flue gas / exhaust air cleaning processes

processes for treating wastewater

Pharmaceutical engineering   life science products
pharmaceutical active ingredient production
high-purity chemicalsSterile technology, including cleaning in place etc.
inorganic basic chemicals   fertilizers
phosphoric acid
Food technology


ROSA – Distinguished by versatility

From pre-engineering to the start-up.

There are a great variety of definitions for the term “project”, for example according to DIN, IPMA, PRINCE2. All definitions have something in common: a project is a targeted, one-time undertaking that consists of a starting and finishing date and is carried out in order to achieve an objective (e.g. a product or service) taking into consideration requirements in connection with time, resources and quality.

Hence, according to DIN 69901, project management is defined at the complete set of management tasks, organization, techniques and tools for the initiation, definition, planning, control and conclusion of projects.” A project manager is responsible to the customer for the project and has a duty to report. To carry this out, he requires knowledge of project management, product-specific or domain knowledge, endurance and resilience, interpersonal and communication skills as well as “common sense.”

Plant engineering and construction differentiates between the different phases in a project.

Pre engineering
The technical, financial and administrative boundary conditions are determined and compared to the requirements of the customer. Different concepts are compared in a feasibility study, and there is a decision as to whether or not the plant will be built.

Basic engineering
The decision for the technically and economically most advantageous concept is made by basic engineering, and it starts the development phase with the first determination of the costs and revenues for the pipelines needed for a power plant. At the end of this phase is the procedural basis and planning, 3D model and conceptual design, specialized design planning (e.g. pipeline construction, electrical systems, instrumentation and control technology, construction, technical building equipment and much more), the concept for the health and environmental protection, safety protection, a concept for procurement and the structure for the next steps of project management. All the necessary decisions for the construction of the plant are made here.

Detail engineering
The exact description and detailed design of the individual technical components happens here. In the process, all the documents are prepared for the various trades that allow the construction of the plant. The individual trades are process engineering, construction (building construction and civil engineering and the structural steelwork), systems engineering (piping, apparatus construction and mechanical engineering), electrical engineering (high and medium voltage), technical building equipment as well as procurement.

This phase of the project addresses the specific request for the specific components for the individual trades described in detail engineering. Different offers are collected for this and checked for cost, quality and on-time delivery performance and then selected. The respective components are then ordered.

Construction phase
The plan that was developed is executed at the construction site with the ordered components in this construction phase. Green-field (in the open countryside) or brown field (e.g. in a chemical park) are differentiated here. The individual trades of the plant are gradually built, starting with the building construction and civil engineering, foundation construction and structural steelwork.

The commissioning of the new plant takes place at the end of a project management cycle. The first use of a plant for which clean documentation can be demonstrated (e.g. EC directives, EU declaration of conformity, CE marking) is called a cold start-up. Water is mostly used as a medium in order to give the machine an initial trial run. This is followed by the hot start-up with the actual medium, and the plant begins its service.

This may be for building a new plant or re-engineering or retrofitting an existing one.

Project management in plant engineering and construction comprises:

  • project coordination and assistance
  • scheduling and tracking
  • project development
  • site management
  • claim management
  • document management

ROSA – Project management experts in the area of plant engineering and construction

On the path to Industry 4.0.

As a concept, systems engineering describes the machinery, equipment and apparatus that are systematically combined in a spatial interconnection. Here, individual components are linked into a system in a functional, control and safety respect.

The systems engineering market has been on a growth path for years due to the topic of Industry 4.0 and networking of the development, production, installation and maintenance of technical components or alternatively systems. ROSA has outstanding expertise in this environment and has filled many projects with experienced specialists. If you are looking for a systems engineering expert or are interested in project orders or a permanent position as such an expert, then you’ve come to the right place. Seeking? Finding! Reliably and quickly.

ROSA – FPGA experts and more …

From electrical components up to Industry 4.0.

Malfunctions of any kind are an expensive proposition for plants in all areas. For this reason, E-I&C technology usually represents the heart of all plants, and is enjoying special attention.

Electrical engineering is a separate area of ROSA that comprises engineers for research and development as well as production technology of electrical equipment. Due to the increasing proliferation and implementation of plant engineering and construction with electrical components over the Internet of Things with production data put in the cloud, up to the Industry 4.0 model, ROSA can fall back on already existing know-how and its pool of experts in the area of electrical engineering for its customers in plant engineering and construction.

If you are looking for an E-I&C expert or are interested in project orders or a permanent position as such an expert, then you’ve come to the right place. Seeking? Finding! Reliably and quickly.

ROSA – E-I&C specialists for your future

Cost and technology – under control right from the draft.

Construction technology is a common generic term in construction for the technical-design aspects of civil engineering. Many areas of teaching, training and research at universities address this term.

One of the crucial tasks of the area of construction engineering, particularly in the area of projects in plant engineering and construction, includes taking technically economical aspects into consideration at an early stage in the design. It is decisive for minimizing the subsequent construction costs. Experienced engineers and technicians accompany these projects from the planning phase to the implementation phase. We provide experienced specialists from the construction industry both for basic/detail engineering as well as for engineering for public authorities and subsequent construction and commissioning.

ROSA has longstanding expertise in the area of construction engineering and has filled many projects with experienced specialists. If you are looking for a systems engineering expert or are interested in project orders or a permanent position yourself as such an expert, then you’ve come to the right place.

ROSA: Seeking? Finding!

Compliance with the legal approvals framework.

In addition to the technical requirements and the financial and organizational conditions, environmental approval procedures and safety considerations play a central role in the construction of a process plant.

The increasingly complex environmental and administrative principles must be observed in the highest degree in order to meet the legal and official requirements. The legal approval framework and requirements as well as the site-specific conditions of use must be determined and included as early as possible.

The foundation for the approval process includes the following laws, among others:

  • Federal Emission Protection Act (BImSchG)
  • Water Resources Act (WHG)
  • Equipment and Product Safety Act (GPSG)
  • Recycling and Waste Management Act (KrW- /AbfG))
  • Construction law (BauGB)

In the area of engineering for public authorities and safety engineering, the ROSA service portfolio covers the following areas:

  • safety management
  • emissions plan
  • reporting and consulting
  • process audit

ROSA has decades of experience in the use of freelance experts or its own employees in the area of safety and public authorities engineering.

ROSA – Specialists for government authority engineering

In the transformation from paper to bits.

Database-driven management of electronic documents is what is meant by the concept of document management. Today, we find ourselves in a stage of transformation from purely paper-based documentation to fully-electronic documentation. Hence, documents that were originally paper-based are currently being entered electronically into a digital database. This huge amount of data forms the basis for the new digital and modern plant engineering and construction.

The documentation can have different forms:

  • “As-built” documentation
  • CE-compliant documentation
  •  revision of existing plans
  •  editing of supplier documentation

ROSA has extensive experience and good placement results in the area of documentation, whether for freelance professionals or employees. Hence, ROSA has established itself as the point of contact both for specialists looking for new projects and challenges and for customer companies, and brings the right experts and projects together. Are you looking for a new challenge or a capable document controller? We will find the right project for both sides. Reliably and quickly.

ROSA – Specialists for your documentation

Quality – More than a necessity.

All organizational measures of a company to improve processes, performance and thus the services and products are referred to as quality management. ISO 9001 and EFQM are the best-known models, and an absolute necessity for companies in today’s industry. Quality management in plant engineering and construction comprises:

  • fault analysis
  • statistical analyses
  • process audit
  • system FMEA
  • supplier selection
  • manufacturing monitoring
  • maintenance management

We at ROSA have highly qualified engineers in our pool with proven competencies in quality management with solid project experience. With us as your partner for engineering services, you control and regulate your project assignments reliably and systematically – from the FEMA method to Six Sigma. Take our word for it!

ROSA – Engineers for your quality management

Engineering tools from daily practice.

Below is a list of tools from plant engineering and construction that are in use by our long-term customers and partners. Our pool of experts allows us to accompany projects of any size precisely and competently, and to fill vacancies in consideration of the tools used in each case by our customers.

Process engineering
ChemCAD (process simulation)
ASPEN (process simulation with the packages Aspen and Hysys)
PIPEnet (hydraulics of pipeline networks)

Machinery and apparatus technology
Nozzle Pro (calculation of device nozzles)
DIMy (pressure vessel design)

Installation and pipeline planning
Bentley MicroStation (2D-/3D-CAD-Design)
AUTODESK  AutoCAD  (2D-/3D-CAD-Design)
Intergraph PDS (2D/3D plant planning)
Smart Plant Isometrics (isometry generation)
Intergraph SmartPlant Review (3D design review)
AVEVA PDMS (2D/3D plant planning)
AUTODESK Navisworks (3D design review)

Calculation tools
DIMy (component design)
ROHR2 / ROHR2fesu (pipe stress calculation)
Caesar II (pipe stress calculation)
FERO (pipe rows and flange connection calculation)

E-I&C technology
Intergraph Microstation SE Aucoplan / ELCAD Engineering Base

Construction engineering
Speedikon S4 (construction planning)
Tekla Structures 20.0 (structural steelwork planning)
ARRIBA (bill of quantities for construction/structural steelwork)

Project management
MS-Office / VISIO
MS-Project (PM-Tool)
Primavera (PM-Tool)

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