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Aerospace is the royal class. No technical area embodies such a demand for safety requirements, multinational development, global procurement and networked production. These requirements are still growing, not only through competition and customers, but also from society and governments. They are requirements that have to be met, whether in systems engineering with system integration, verification, validation and testing, safety and reliability, software, documentation or product lifecycle management, maintenance, repair and operations or for development and construction with the design and calculation of structural components, electrical systems, flight test fittings, cabin equipment or mechanical systems.

Our matrix shows the industry sectors and specialist areas in which our aerospace experts are qualified. The job profiles, that we focus on can also be found listed.

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Primary parts – from stem to stern.

Structural development in aerospace deals with the development, design, calculation and construction of primary parts such as, for example, the fuselage shell, wing assembly, tail assembly and landing gear on the aircraft. For helicopters, there are also propellers or also a landing skid. The most frequently used materials in the aerospace technology sector are aluminum and fibrous composite material (carbon fiber and glass fiber). Frequently used CAD tools are Catia and NX. Tools such as Ansys, Abaqus, Nastran, Patran and also Hypermesh are used in the FEM calculation.

ROSA – Specialists for structure development

Safety, design and comfort for the inner workings.

“The sky is the limit” – customers have the highest demands on cabin development. Ahead of design and comfort, safety is the highest priority. Important elements of cabin development are: available space definition and component development, ergonomics as well as the human-machine interface (HMI), air-conditioning and ventilation systems, water supply and electronics.

ROSA – Specialists for cabin development

The manufacturing process of the object.

Manufacturing engineering deals with the complete manufacturing process in aerospace, from development up to production.

Important elements are:

  • development, optimization and implementation of manufacturing processes (industrial engineering)
  • work scheduling/development of work plans and work steps (MTM and REFA)
  • provision of the machines and systems.
  • quality management (incoming and outgoing inspections)
  • logistics and supply chain management

ROSA – Experts for processes in aerospace

Aviation-specific challenges.

Quality management is a key factor in aerospace technology. The highest standards of safety and functionality must be complied with.

Essential elements are:

  • FMEA (Failure Mode & Effects Analysis)
  • product qualification
  • internal and external audits
  • introduction and further development of aviation-specific QM systems such as, for example, RTCA DO- 254, RTCA DO-160, RTCA DO-178 and DIN EN ISO 910

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