Bringing Experts and Companies together.

Since 1982, ROSA has provided reliable and uncomplicated services with highly-qualified specialists from the business segments of plant engineering and construction and mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automotive, aerospace and life science. Depending on the circumstances and duration, this could be as a freelancer or employee, or also in the context of temporary workers – to exactly fit your needs.

We bring companies and experts together and assist in suitably filling vacant positions – precisely and throughout the world. Our qualifications include many years of experience as a personnel service provider, in-depth industry knowledge, a good nose for the requirements of customers and for the interests of experts in the respective specialist areas.

Peter Steiner, Divisional Director

“To ROSA, proximity to customers and cooperation with companies on an equal footing are as important as the care and development of ROSA project employees.”


We know your industry.

At ROSA, you always deal with contact persons who speak your language and immediately understand your requirements. It does not matter whether you approach us as a company looking for experts, or a specialist looking for new projects.

Our employees are very familiar with the areas in which they provide specialists. This is true with respect to the expertise and industries. The result is quick and accurate placement. We place experts for projects in the following industry sectors:

  • chemical industry
  • power engineering
  • life science
  • metallurgy
  • oil & gas
  • petrochemicals
  • environmental engineering
  • conveyor systems & intralogistics
  • plastics & packaging machines
  • engine & drive systems
  • special mechanical engineering
  • process engineering related machines and devices
  • machine tools
  • railway engineering
  • electrical engineering and automation
  • renewable energy and environmental engineering
  • household appliance technology
  • medical engineering
  • telecommunications systems
  • construction and agricultural machinery
  • industrial trucks
  • commercial vehicles
  • passenger cars
  • railed vehicles
  • special-purpose vehicles
  • aircraft
  • helicopters
  • space travel
  • satellites
  • defense
  • robotics and actuators
  • Development of security-related software, hardware and embedded systems
  • Construction of electronic and mechanical devices
  • Product lifecycle management
  • medical product development and launch
  • Quality management according to international regulations and standards


Our references are impressive.

ROSA, with its business units, places experts in numerous well-known companies everywhere in the world. With regard to the different jurisdictions worldwide in connection trademarks and companies, we can no longer give you an overview of our customers in the usual form.

On request, we will send you fact sheets with detailed information on individual customer projects. Contact us:


Forms of contract at a glance.

We offer our various services in a customized legal form:

Temporary employment placement, pursuant to Sections 1 and 2 AÜG (Temporary Employment Act), is a frequently used form of contract for project activities that will be conducted on site at your company.

This model offers the greatest flexibility in each project. We have an unlimited AÜG license and thus are subject to ongoing monitoring by the state labor office. As a BAP member and collective agreement user, we offer our employees and customers transparency, fairness and an up-to-date level of knowledge about legal changes.

The benefit to you as customers: Our employees are fully integrated into your team. ROSA is still the employer and bears the respective obligations to our employees in your company.

The service contract according to Sections 611, 614 and 627 of the German Civil Code is the appropriate form when it comes to special services such as knowledge transfer, interim management or consulting.

This contract is the right form to choose for open or half-open projects and for particularly confidential services. There is no time or location restriction here for you.

Our engineers, managers and experts are available to your project until the completion of individually agreed on tasks and services. We provide you with the knowledge and experience of our employees or partners.

The classic work contract according to Section 631 et seq. of the German Civil Code (BGB) is the rule when it comes to precisely defined goods and services.

The scope of services and order execution are mutually determined by you and us before the start of the project. Our common goal is the contractually agreed on result, against which the execution can be measured.

We are responsible for the scheduling, content and organizational performance of this contract.

Here, the employees involved report to our project manager for technical and hierarchical purposes. We are liable to you for the provision of the service.


To our destination with a high standard.

Our claim to have consistently high quality, optimal process flows and constitutional personnel placement is substantiated by our certifications and memberships.

ROSA Experts AG & Co KG has the following certificates:

Quality is one of the key competitive factors of our time. Systems have been developed and deployed worldwide for quality control and conformity to standards. ISO 9000 et seq. 2015 is dominant in large-scale plant engineering and construction.

ROSA AG has had a quality management system since 2005 that is audited regularly, both internally and by TÜV. The current TÜV certificate can be downloaded here in PDF format.

ROSA Experts AG & Co KG is a member of the employers’ association GVP and user of the collective agreement.

The certificate can be downloaded here in PDF format.

Temporary employment placement, pursuant to Sections 1 and 2 AÜG (Temporary Employment Act), is a frequently used form of contract for project activities that will be conducted on site at your company. This model offers the greatest flexibility in each project. ROSA Experts AG & Co KG has an unlimited AÜG (Temporary Employment Act) license, which you can download here in PDF format, and is thus subject to ongoing monitoring by the Regional Employment Office.
When working with third parties, ROSA puts emphasis on compliance with rules, and has that set out in a code of conduct.
For example, we identify with the Fair Company promotion.

Young professionals are treated fairly by us.

• no replacement of full-time positions by interns, supposed apprentices, working students or the like
• no putting off university graduates with an internship if they have applied for a permanent position
• no luring of interns with the vague prospect of a full-time job
• no offering of internships primarily for professional orientation during the training period
• we pay interns adequate remuneration

You can download the Code of Conduct here in PDF format.