Engineers for industrial systems.

Plant engineering and construction is already one of the biggest branches of industry in Germany. Due to the increased automated manufacturing of complex products, highly-developed plant engineering and construction is arising in more and more areas. Classically speaking, plant engineering and construction deals with the planning, realization and coordination of large-scale plants through the use of process engineering. This is differentiated into mechanical, chemical and thermal process engineering.

In addition to oil and gas, the petrochemical industry, chemical industry, energy generation, environmental engineering, pharmaceutical engineering and metallurgy, plant engineering and construction is applied in the waste and recycling industry, automotive industry, iron and steel industry, electronics industry, petroleum industry, food industry as well as other processing industries.

ROSA understands the demands placed on engineers and technicians by plant engineering and construction. Due to its long market presence, ROSA also knows the specifications of its pool of experts. Ideal conditions for filling positions.

ROSA – Experts for industrial systems

Our Portfolio in Plant Engineering and Construction


Positioned to be versatile – focused on technology.

Plant engineering and construction relies on the knowledge of engineers and technicians from a great variety of disciplines such as, among others, automation engineering, mechanical engineering, measurement technology, production engineering and manufacturing engineering, control engineering and feedback control systems, process engineering and materials engineering.

ROSA has many years of experience in the relevant areas of plant and process engineering. The pool of ROSA engineers and technicians is diverse and has a great variety of qualifications. Through its strong foothold in electrical engineering, ROSA is a guarantee when it comes to coping with current challenges such as Industry 4.0.

ROSA – Experts on a broad basis


Engineers for I&C technology and Industry 4.0.

Electrical engineering in the area of plant engineering and construction mostly refers to electric machines as well as circuits for control systems, measurement systems and feedback control systems as the core area of automation engineering. The separate areas of power engineering and drive engineering developed from the classical subarea of heavy current engineering.

Electrical engineering is a separate area of ROSA that comprises engineers for research and development as well as production technology of electrical equipment. Due to the increasing proliferation and implementation of plant engineering and construction with electrical components over the Internet of Things with production data put in the cloud, up to the Industry 4.0 model, ROSA can fall back on already existing know-how and its pool of experts in the area of electrical engineering for its customers in plant engineering and construction.

ROSA – Experts for Industry 4.0


Engineers for high-voltage.

Power engineering is a former area of electrical engineering, which deals in an interdisciplinary way with the production, transmission and transformation of electrical energy. The specialist areas of power engineering are found in plant engineering and construction, such as power plant engineering. In addition to their beginnings as the technology of steam power plants, they also continued to develop in the area of boilers, firing systems, turbines and generators as well as to other types of power plants for electricity generation. Nuclear power engineering is a separate specialist area with reactor technology and technology for the treatment of nuclear fuels and waste and their disposal.

Electrical power engineering is another specialist area. The generation, transformation, distribution and utilization of electrical energy – especially high voltage– is found here as well as thermodynamics.

In addition, there is also energy process technology, a specialist area of process engineering with the thermal and chemical processes of energy conversion. There is also energy mechanical engineering, a specialist area of mechanical engineering that deals with fans, pumps, turbines, and internal combustion engines and other machines for energy conversion, in particular their design and construction.

Sustainable power engineering with solar technology, consisting of photovoltaics and solar thermal technology, wind power, hydropower and geothermal energy, is currently developing into a separate field of power engineering.

ROSA – Experts for electrical energy


Engineers for production systems.

Production technology deals with the implementation of scientific findings in controllable procedures and processes, which can be integrated in economically usable production systems.

The main technologies are differentiated into power engineering, manufacturing engineering and process engineering. Power engineering deals with the generation, conversion and transmission of thermal energy for building heating and hot water, process energy, drive energy and light energy. Manufacturing engineering deals with the production of piece goods, geometrically defined solids and is differentiated into the main groups of prototypes, forming, cutting, joining, coating and modifying the material properties. The process technology deals with the production of free-flowing goods like liquids but also gases and bulk material. It differentiates between material conversion and material preparation via the following production stages: recovery of raw material, production of intermediate products and the production of end products.

Materials handling, handling technology and information technology are used as auxiliary technologies.

ROSA traditionally works in the field of process engineering based plant engineering and construction and has therefore built up an extensive list of experts in process engineering and related fields over the decades.

ROSA – Experts for procedures and processes


Engineers for building Services and disposal.

Building services engineering is concerned with supply from an energy or material perspective, as well as the disposal of all waste products from buildings, referred to as technical building equipment or alternatively building services, and other structures. It includes the sewage system, media supply and media disposal as well as the lighting of structures.

Technical building equipment is divided into elevator technology, electrical systems and building automation, air-conditioning systems, cleanroom technology, sanitary systems as well as heating techniques and heating systems.

ROSA – Experts for technical building equipment