Specialists for your structural challenges


ROSA ROPE ACCESS recruits engineers and proven specialists in the following specialist areas and over the complete project process chain. They are trained according to standards in rope access techniques according to FISAT. Additional information is filed for each individual trade so that if need be, you can retrieve details on the understanding, service portfolio and available specialists of ROSA ROPE ACCESS.

In today’s complex industrial plants, ROSA industrial climbers help your customers without disturbing the work process for extended periods of time. Our engineers inspect systems, apparatuses, buildings and structures of all types, heights and depths. They determine the requirements of our customers and inspect the completion of the work that was carried out.

For example, our specialists and certified welding engineers inspect the professional welding seams of a great variety of surfaces on all (even difficult to access) systems, buildings, apparatuses and structures.

Likewise, corrosion inspections also arise on difficult to access locations of a system, apparatus, building or construction. The experts of ROSA can offer these inspections at any working height, both onshore as well as offshore.

In like manner, engineers for electrical engineering, automation engineering as well as building services with years of professional experience and additional training as FISAT rope access technicians guarantee ROSA customers can have an inspection of the work performed onsite, at any facility where scaffolding, a crane or a lifting platform cannot be used.

Generally, ROSA provides support for its customers for any systems, apparatuses, buildings and structures at any height or depth, both onshore and offshore.

ROSA ROPE ACCESS is based on many years of technical and industry experience. That is the central requirement for competent and quick execution of complex tasks in plant engineering and construction and process engineering with suitably qualified engineers. That is the reason for your satisfaction with our services.

ROSA ROPE ACCESS – Experts who are comfortable at heights for your maintenance and inspections.

Specialists for your specific occupational safety


Every employer is obliged to protect the health and safety of its employees at work. The European directive on occupational safety and health (89/391/EEC) regulates the basics of occupational safety. According to it, the employer must not only take the necessary measures for health and safety protection into account for all work-related circumstances, but must also check the effectiveness of the measures and if necessary adapt them to changing conditions.

These regulations for job safety apply to the operation of shelving systems, which must be regulated by the employer or the HSE department. ROSA supports its customers in meeting these standards.

In addition to the risk assessment and analysis of the established risks, ROSA prepares an access concept for its customers that guarantees the safe and ergonomic work of employees. Here, the risk must either be excluded, or at least minimized to an acceptable residual risk. This calls for a high level of competence and experience from the author of the document in the area of working at heights, which ROSA satisfies with its industrial climbers (rope access technician FISAT Level 3).

Based on this risk assessment and the access concept, the FISAT specialists of ROSA also develop a conclusive emergency and rescue concept, which guarantees the safety of employees in the high-bay storage area.

ROSA ROPE ACCESS – Experts with experience at heights for your job safety

Specialists for your fall protection


Anchorage points are used as attachment points in fall protection. According to FISAT directives, persons are classified as at risk of falling as of 3 meters from the roof edge. Anchorage points are used to protect against falling and are used on roofs – mainly on flat roofs.

According to the standards (DIN EN 795, EN 365, EN 13374, BGR 198, para. 8.2), an expert must check an anchorage point at least once a year or check in case of a fall. ROSA handles this annual inspection for its customers in connection with

  •  existing labelling
  •  proper documentation of the Installation
  •  visible wear, damage, corrosion, cracks, etc.
  • as well as inspection of the visible attachment to the building structure.

ROSA ROPE ACCESS – Experts for your safety at heights.