ROSA Rope Access

Specialists for your particular challenge

ROSA, founded in 1982 as an engineering office in process engineering, provides reliable and uncomplicated placement of highly qualified specialists worldwide. With more than 30 years’ experience in the area of process engineering, ROSA works with future-orientated engineers in a new, upcoming and promising market segment: rope access technology.

We offer companies the inspection and appraisal of systems onsite – regardless of whether they are at great heights, at depths or on the inside of a system. Industrial climbers are deployed where scaffolding or elevating platforms cannot be used, or only used with great difficulties.

To us, this is more than a service to supplement conventional procedures in inspections and construction management. To us, it is about the simplification and cost-reduction of inspections and construction management at difficult to access locations. Very few can do this, due to technical as well as climbing-related factors. Our technicians and engineers are FISAT-certified industrial climbers – the quick and attractive solution for your project.

Our claim: no inspection, assessment or supervision is better than the personal one, right at the site.