Production Technology

Engineers for production systems

Production technology deals with the implementation of scientific findings in controllable procedures and processes, which can be integrated in economically usable production systems.

The main technologies are differentiated into power engineering, manufacturing engineering and process engineering. Power engineering deals with the generation, conversion and transmission of thermal energy for building heating and hot water, process energy, drive energy and light energy. Manufacturing engineering deals with the production of piece goods, geometrically defined solids and is differentiated into the main groups of prototypes, forming, cutting, joining, coating and modifying the material properties. The process technology deals with the production of free-flowing goods like liquids but also gases and bulk material. It differentiates between material conversion and material preparation via the following production stages: recovery of raw material, production of intermediate products and the production of end products.

Materials handling, handling technology and information technology are used as auxiliary technologies.

ROSA traditionally works in the field of process engineering based plant engineering and construction and has therefore built up an extensive list of experts in process engineering and related fields over the decades.


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