Power Engineering

Engineers for high-voltage

Power engineering is a former area of electrical engineering, which deals in an interdisciplinary way with the production, transmission and transformation of electrical energy. The specialist areas of power engineering are found in plant engineering and construction, such as power plant engineering. In addition to their beginnings as the technology of steam power plants, they also continued to develop in the area of boilers, firing systems, turbines and generators as well as to other types of power plants for electricity generation. Nuclear power engineering is a separate specialist area with reactor technology and technology for the treatment of nuclear fuels and waste and their disposal.

Electrical power engineering is another specialist area. The generation, transformation, distribution and utilization of electrical energy – especially high voltage– is found here as well as thermodynamics.

In addition, there is also energy process technology, a specialist area of process engineering with the thermal and chemical processes of energy conversion. There is also energy mechanical engineering, a specialist area of mechanical engineering that deals with fans, pumps, turbines, and internal combustion engines and other machines for energy conversion, in particular their design and construction.

Sustainable power engineering with solar technology, consisting of photovoltaics and solar thermal technology, wind power, hydropower and geothermal energy, is currently developing into a separate field of power engineering.


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