Document Management

In the transformation from paper to bits

Database-driven management of electronic documents is what is meant by the concept of document management. Today, we find ourselves in a stage of transformation from purely paper-based documentation to fully-electronic documentation. Hence, documents that were originally paper-based are currently being entered electronically into a digital database. This huge amount of data forms the basis for the new digital and modern plant engineering and construction.

The documentation can have different forms:

  • “As-built” documentation
  • CE-compliant documentation
  •  revision of existing plans
  •  editing of supplier documentation

ROSA has extensive experience and good placement results in the area of documentation, whether for freelance professionals or employees. Hence, ROSA has established itself as the point of contact both for specialists looking for new projects and challenges and for customer companies, and brings the right experts and projects together. Are you looking for a new challenge or a capable document controller? We will find the right project for both sides. Reliably and quickly.

ROSA – Specialists for your documentation