Plant Engineering and Construction

Engineers for industrial systems

Plant engineering and construction is already one of the biggest branches of industry in Germany. Due to the increased automated manufacturing of complex products, highly-developed plant engineering and construction is arising in more and more areas. Classically speaking, plant engineering and construction deals with the planning, realization and coordination of large-scale plants through the use of process engineering. This is differentiated into mechanical, chemical and thermal process engineering.

In addition to oil and gas, the petrochemical industry, chemical industry, energy generation, environmental engineering, pharmaceutical engineering and metallurgy, plant engineering and construction is applied in the waste and recycling industry, automotive industry, iron and steel industry, electronics industry, petroleum industry, food industry as well as other processing industries.

ROSA understands the demands placed on engineers and technicians by plant engineering and construction. Due to its long market presence, ROSA also knows the specifications of its pool of experts. Ideal conditions for filling positions.

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