Measurement Technology, Control Engineering and Feedback Control Systems

I&C engineers and PLC specialists

I&C technology, or also E/I&C (electrical measurement, instrumentation and control), considers measurement technology, control technology and feedback control technology as a whole. Measurement technology deals with the determination of quantitative variables with the required accuracy and reproducibility. It is used to assess the characteristics, function, quality and reliability of products and thus be able to also optimize them. Control engineering is concerned with obtaining one or more quantitative variables in a process. The programmable logic controller (PLC) is today’s way of applying control engineering. It is used as a regulator, because the microprocessor can also perform arithmetic control functions. Feedback control systems are concerned with process stabilization. They are necessary in cases of feedback from the affected variables.

In the past, ROSA recognized the importance of I&C and the PLCs that developed from it, which are today’s most widely used control devices. As a result, ROSA successively expanded this business segment. This allows us to draw on a broad range of relevant specialists today.

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