Manufacturing Technology

Engineers for the production of piece goods

Manufacturing technology is a field of production engineering and is concerned with the economical production of piece goods, geometrically defined solid bodies, from given starting materials under specific tolerances and their assembly to form assemblies, semi-finished or finished products.

Manufacturing engineering is differentiated by the following main groups:

  • casting, creation of a solid body from shapeless material
  • forming, production by pure sculptural changes to the shape of the body
  • separating, change of the solid body form by breaking the cohesion
  • joining, bringing separate workpieces into a permanent connection
  • coating, applying a firmly adhering layer on a workpiece
  • changing the material property by rearranging, separating or introducing material particles.

Since its founding, ROSA has worked in process-related plant engineering and construction. During the course of its further development, ROSA was able gain access to experts in process engineering and related fields such as manufacturing engineering.

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