Mechanical Engineering

Engineers for machine elements up to factories

Mechanical engineering, with sales of over 100 billion euros and approx. one million domestic jobs and an export rate of over 60%, can claim to be the backbone of the German economy. It deals with research and development, design, construction and optimization, costing, and production up to the sales of machines and their components.
In mechanical engineering, there are engineers and technicians active from various disciplines, such as automation engineering with I&C technology, business administration, design technology, materials science, mechanics, production engineering and manufacturing engineering.
ROSA has engineers and technicians in mechanical engineering in the following functions and tasks: work scheduling, production planning and control, design, customer service, logistics, management, production and manufacturing, quality management, quality assurance, service and maintenance, purchasing and procurement, research and development, materials management and sales.

Details on this can be found in the Job profiles overview. Our mechanical engineering matrix shows the industry sectors and specialist areas in which our mechanical engineering specialists are at home.

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