Test and Trial

Real scenarios in the vehicle test

A test and trial is used to really find out whether a vehicle and its parts and components have proven themselves. These tests and trials are often carried out in test laboratories according to specially developed test procedures and test specifications. They are intended to provide real, meaningful and validated feedback from real-world scenarios quickly and at an early stage.

Important test and trial areas in the vehicle testing are:

  • interior/exterior testing (lifetime and environmental simulation, stiffness and strength, feel, NVH, air-conditioning and humidity tests, seat, door, flap endurance, light laboratory)
  • engine, chassis, tank systems (chassis and drive tests, steering, component durability, testing, and continuous operation of the aggregates)
  • vehicle safety (crash tests such as airbag experiments, frontal, side, rear-end crash, rollover and door intrusion, occupant protection, drop tower)
  • acoustics/audible noise (vehicle acoustics, insulation and damping, structure-borne and airborne noise, audible noise)
  • E/E testing / electro-mobility (functional and endurance tests, air-conditioning and humidity, thermal stress, shock tests, parameter tests as well as chemical tests)
  • vehicle construction and vehicle modification (vehicle start-up, bodywork, electrical system start-up)

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