Knowing beforehand what will happen afterwards

In the development of automobiles, the top priorities are fast development times, better products and the lowest possible costs. The calculation (CAE) enables manufacturers and suppliers to meet these requirements through computer-aided calculation, simulation and testing. Through models, it is already possible to take the right path in the early stages of development to be able to determine material limits and behavior, which later are very important for the stiffness and comfort characteristics (occupant protection) or alternatively crash performance.

Areas of calculation/simulation and testing are:

  • stiffness, strength and misuse loads (local/global static and dynamic stiffness)
  • vibrations and acoustics (frequency analysis, sensitivities and operational vibration analysis)
  • operating stability and fatigue resistance
  • driving dynamics
  • vehicle safety (global torsion, bending, local buckling strength)
  • structural design with respect to a crash (frontal, lateral and rear crash, rollover and door intrusion)
  • occupant protection with respect to the design of restraint systems (front and side protection)
  • pedestrian protection (energy dissipation)
  • flow simulations using 1-D CFD simulation, and 3-D CFD simulation (aerodynamics, interior air-conditioning, engine and component cooling, air ducts)

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