Harald Häuser


Harald Häuser, Dipl. Oec., Born in 1968, worked after graduation as a trainee and finally as a management assistant to a listed investment holding company, before he became active as a managing partner of a holding company.

Since 2011 Harald Häuser has been working for ROSA AG. He initially served as Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board. He then brought in his expertise as interim Chief Operating Officer (iCOO) in the reorganization of the corporate structure. Since March 2014 he has been a member of the Management Board of ROSA AG.

Harald Häuser is interested in the subject of economic sustainability and is looking for the perfect balance between “smart saving and wise investing”. He is passionate about entrepreneurial personalities and mountain hiking.

Phone: +49 6182-92170-0

Email: h.haeuser@rosa-ag.de

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