To our destination with a high standard

Our claim to have consistently high quality, optimal process flows and constitutional personnel placement is substantiated by our certifications and memberships.

ROSA Experts AG & Co KG has the following certificates:

Quality is one of the key competitive factors of our time. Systems have been developed and deployed worldwide for quality control and conformity to standards. ISO 9000 et seq. 2015 is dominant in large-scale plant engineering and construction.

ROSA AG has had a quality management system since 2005 that is audited regularly, both internally and by TÜV. The current TÜV certificate can be downloaded here in PDF format.


ISO 9001:2015 Zertifikat

ROSA Experts AG & Co KG is a member of the employers’ association BAP and user of the collective Agreement.

BAP-User certifikate

Temporary employment placement, pursuant to Sections 1 and 2 AÜG (Temporary Employment Act), is a frequently used form of contract for project activities that will be conducted on site at your company. This model offers the greatest flexibility in each project. ROSA Experts AG & Co KG has an unlimited AÜG (Temporary Employment Act) license, which you can download here in PDF format, and is thus subject to ongoing monitoring by the Regional Employment Office.
When working with third parties, ROSA puts emphasis on compliance with rules, and has that set out in a code of conduct.
For example, we identify with the Fair Company promotion.

Young professionals are treated fairly by us.

  • no replacement of full-time positions by interns, supposed apprentices, working students or the like
  • no putting off university graduates with an internship if they have applied for a permanent position
  • no luring of interns with the vague prospect of a full-time job
  • no offering of internships primarily for professional orientation during the training period
  • we pay interns adequate remuneration

You can download the Code of Conduct here in PDF format.